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Counting the Omer and Controlling TimeNational

Listen to this 35 minute audio and learn how you can improve during this special period of time in the Jewish calendar.

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All Hours - Parshas TzavNational

The nighttime hours are usually associated with rest and repose, not a time to concentrate on personal growth. Yet this week’s Torah portion mentions a mitzvah that specifically applies to the nighttime: Each animal offering that was brought in the…

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Experiencing True Freedom?National

The Passover holiday holds special favor in our eyes. Besides the enormous preparation involved – cleaning the house, buying Kosher for Passover food, and making arrangements for guests – the Passover story is one that we all love to hear…

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Festival of FreedomNational

Spring is the perfect season to celebrate Passover. The smell of freedom is in the air. After a long winter, nature seemingly frees itself from its winter shackles. What has been dormant for six months suddenly springs back to life….

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Stealing From Whom - Parshas VayikraNational

One who steals causes pain and anguish to his victim in more ways than one. Aside  from the financial loss incurred, sometimes the items that are stolen may carry  sentimental value, which makes the theft even harder to bear, especially…

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