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Dear Lauren, Can G-d Love Me?National

I feel guilty for what I’ve done wrong and it’s hard for me to believe God loves me.

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Yaakov Vs. YisroelNational

Rabbi Shlomo Landau masterfully explains the culture and destiny of the Jewish people in this 42 minute audio.

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Why Kosher Filet Mignon is so "Rare"National

If you’re a red-meat lover like myself, you’ll agree that there’s nothing like a good steak grilled to perfection. As many meat aficionados know, tenderloin and filet mignon are considered the most tender and succulent of all cuts of meat,…

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Rabbi Akiva’s Parenting TipNational

Dripping water. That’s how a parent has to speak. Like a slow and constant drip. Think of the child as a crop. There are different ways of watering crops. You can pour on them with rotary sprinklers, a whirling deluge,…

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Jacob’s Keys to Success - Parshas VayeitzeiNational

As the name of the parsha indicates, Jacob starts out on a long journey that ultimately keeps him away from his parents for 36 years. He undertakes this journey to escape his twin brother Eisav, who has issued a death…

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