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The Failed Great ManNational

Noah was a very great man. Righteous and complete, he was head and shoulders above the rest of his generation. He also was an epic failure. As the Medrash notes, at the beginning of this week’s Torah portion, Noah is…

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The Message of the ShofarNational

In just 40 minutes you can gain a real understanding into the soulful sounds of the shofar.

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Just the Right Blast - Rosh HashanahNational

Every seat in the house is occupied. In many synagogues there’s an overflow crowd. Prayerbook in hand, the congregation recites the introductory verses. Some individuals, hidden under their talit, their prayer shawl, can be heard sobbing as they are immersed…

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The Pink SlipNational

As he looks for a new job, Seth Feldman, a member of our community, shares a lesson he’s learned during this challenging time.  It’s a lesson that spans the Torah from Genesis right up until this week’s Parsha, Ki Tavo.   …

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It's All a Gift - Parshas Ki SavoNational

The ritual of bringing of  bikkurim was an elaborate and festive affair that was celebrated by the entire Jewish nation. The Talmud vividly describes how townspeople would gather together and travel in unison toward Jerusalem. Each group of towns, in…

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