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Does G-d have a sense of humor? - Parshas BoNational

A while back, someone approached me and asked me if G-d ever laughs – does He have a sense of humor? My initial response was that G-d is not a corporeal being with human experiences and emotions; thus, asking this…

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The First Mitzvah - Parshas BoNational

Join Rabbi Shlomo Landau in a 37 minute journey discovering the secret of the coveted position,  being G-d’s chosen people.

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Dear Lauren,

All my family does is gossip! I love them and they’re good people (…and I can’t pretend I don’t join in or laugh when it’s funny…) but it’s such a problem. What do I do?

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An Attitude of Gratitude - Parshas VaeraNational

A wealthy, but somewhat frugal, individual from out of the country is on a business trip to New York, his first time in the “City that Never Sleeps.” After successfully completing his business dealings, he decides to stay a few…

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5 Ways To Feel ThankfulNational

by Yvette Alt Miller Effective tools to increase your gratitude. by Yvette Alt Miller In 1978, researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Massachusetts made a series of startling discoveries. The Illinois state lottery was new then. Common sense would say…

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