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How Free Will Works - Part 3National

Are we seeing the world with distorted eyes? “As our ego grows, the seedlings of emotional instability take root because any distortion of our true self produces a misrepresentation of the world; and if our grasp of reality is flawed, then our adjustment to life will suffer.”

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The Source - Parshas Ki SaitzaiNational

It is always important to get to the source. For instance, if a person walks into a doctor’s office because he is in pain, the doctor needs to find the source of the discomfort in order to heal the patient….

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Establishing the Truth with WitnessesNational

Of all the resources available to the prosecution in a court case, live witnesses provide the best evidence.  When someone stands up in court and, under cross-examination, states that he personally saw a crime taking place, it makes for compelling…

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How Free Will Works - Part 2National

Perspective is synonymous with mental health. A person can lose or gain perspective from the quality of their choices.

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How Free Will WorksNational

This recording of Dr. David Lieberman serializes his recent book, How Free Will Works. Drawn from classic sources, How Free Will Works explores the elegant relationship between Divine providence and free will — and illuminates the connections among themes such…

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