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Tisha B'Av: Tears of Sorrow or Tears of Joy?National

Having read the title to this piece, you may be wondering if I’ve completely fallen off my rocker. After all, isn’t it an absolute no-brainer that the tears shed on Tisha B’Av should be tears of sorrow, considering the fact…

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Tisha B'Av and Feeling the VoidNational

David and Sara were a newly married young couple with dreams of a bright future together. They visualized love and harmony and a house full of children with whom to share those blessings. Years passed, and while David and Sara…

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Hear 'O IsraelNational

Understanding the wisdom of Judaism’s most important prayer. Courtesy of Aish.com

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See the Light - Parshas MatosNational

If a man takes a vow to Hashem… (Num. 30:3) Our sages tell us that one who makes a vow is a sinner.(1) However, the Midrash (2) states that it is a mitzvah to make a vow. How do we…

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