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Trust - Parshas ShoftimNational

Join Rabbi Shlomo Landau as he inspires us to trust in G-d wholeheartedly.

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His Royal Lowness - Parshas ShoftimNational

“Let them eat cake!” Popularly attributed to Marie Antoinette, this quote has entered our lexicon as an expression of the callousness and obliviousness of the royalty and upper class to those less fortunate. Although the attribution to Marie Antoinette is…

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Identifying with IsraelNational

I’m a regular American teenager about to go to camp. How do I feel Israel’s struggle during this time of war?

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Truly Inspired - Parshas Re'ehNational

What inspires you to get closer to G-d? Inspiration may come from different sources…from the expected or the unexpected…from an incident that may have taken place far away or just down the block…from a journalist writing a moving article in…

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Scared to Make FriendsNational

I want to feel connected to others but I’m scared to make a new friend.   I really want to feel connected to others, but I am always so scared when I start making a new friend. I was neglected…

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